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Many thanks to the very good service and warm care of this dating agency. I found the woman of my life on GenerationLove and married her. This is an appeal to all men who want to dare! This would be the right way for you. I myself visited the agency together with my "now" wife and was able to see for myself the work and express my thank . It's really up to each man to make the best out of it. It is not the quantity but the quality that counts. I can only recommend everyone to take these ladies very seriously, to show respect and esteem and to appreciate the ukrainian mentality. Only then you are able to find and win a woman of your dreams. What matters is an honest and open meeting. Not just tinsel and glitter! However, if a mutual relationship shall develop, you have to be patient, because the task with the authorities will not be easy. But also here GenerationLove is at your side with advice and experiences. It only took us 3 weeks to find each other and after 6 months we got married. It is really possible and we love each other very much. Everything is really matching very well, you just have to know what you are looking for and what you want. You can expect a high level of trust here and you really won't be disappointed. All women are known here personally. My conclusion is: top quality of GenerationLove, dream women and the rest is just up to the men who wish to achieve the desired goal. As for me, I really found a great family and as well a new circle of friends.

All the best from Frank from Frankfurt and Natascha from Zaporizhzhia Review, August, 2012

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