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GenerationLove - I met the love of my life on GenerationLove!

Dear GenerationLove team!

I met Anna on GenerationLove in the spring of this year, since then we have written many letters. Beginning of June we had our first meeting in Kiev. Everything was well organized and the staff of the local dating agency picked me up from the airport in Kiev. I had nice days with Anna. Elena from the local agency took always good care of us and translated for us. The wonderful days passed way too fast, but we had but we had already arranged the next meeting. At the beginning of August it was time again and I was on my way to Anna in Ukraine. The local dating agency and Anna picked me up from the airport boryspil again. There was a problem with my luggage that was apparently lost. Thanks to Elena's translation, we were able to resolve this problem and then find my luggage! Everything was well organized, the apartments for Anna and me and our entire meeting. Elena translated for us during our meetings, we had very nice and familiar communications. Anna and I had very nice days together and I remember it fondly. I believe that with Anna I met my spouce, the love of my life. Unfortunately for our next meeting we have to wait till February next year. Everything has it's time. Until then, all we have  are the good memories and exchanging letters and phoots to make the time shorter until our next meeting. But I'm full of hope and look forward to our next meeting!

Sincerely yours,
August 2015,

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