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GenerationLove.com - Dating in Kiev - I was so happy!

We wrote with Olga for almost a year on GenerationLove dating site. On Friday April 15th the time had come, we met in Kiev. She had suggested to pick me up at the airport, which was pleasant. When I arrived at the airport, there was no woman, I waited, but nobody came. Then I took a taxi to the hotel. Then I went to eat and hoped that I will hear from her. Back in the hotel, someone knocked on the door and Olga stood before me. I was so happy that I didn't ask what happened. Then we had a very good time together, she showed me a lot of Kiev. We even went to an open-air museum and the President's house. I became very fond of Olga and we will see each other again soon!

GenerationLove experience from Reiner
April 2016

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