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GenerationLove - Review - An absolutely serious dating service

I would like to thank you very much! To begin with, I doubted I would really meet a woman here. But I was in for a pleasant surprise!

I have been in contact with a lady from Ukraine for a while. I was able to visit her in Ukraine, and we even spent our vacation together. We like each other, and we will probably be making plans for a future together. Of course we will give each other some more time. Currently, we are both very busy, but our next vacation is already planned. If our relationship continues to develop like this, we should very well be able to build a family together. This is what we are both looking forward to. But for now, we will give our relationship time to grow. I will write more later and I think I will have good news!

Again many thanks for your great help! I can only recommend your dating site! It really is an absolutely serious dating service :-)

Kind regards, 
GenerationLove review, May 2013

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